Namespace-based Modularity for ASP.NET MVC and Web API

  • Break your application into as much small pieces as you want, using namespaces and projects.
  • URL generation and Views location is relative to the module.
  • Embed your views which can be overridden by files views in the host application.
  • Create reusable portable modules.

Convention over configuration Automatic Routing

  • Routes are automatically created for you using convention over configuration.
  • Break away from the convention using attribute routes.
  • Default constraints for primitive types that can be overridden on a per-parameter or per-module basis.
  • Intelligent grouping of similar routes for efficient matching.
  • Formatting of routes (e.g. to lowercase, hyphen-separated, underscore-separated, etc).

MvcCodeRouting is an alternative to

  • Conventional routing
  • Custom routing
  • Attribute routing
  • Areas

Get it now! using NuGet

Install-Package MvcCodeRouting

# Web API
Install-Package MvcCodeRouting.Web.Http.WebHost


See the Documentation for more information.

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